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June 12, 2013

With vocal encouragement from his big brother Oscar on a decorative balcony below his nest, the third baby hawk in a brave unhesitating moment lunged out of his nest at 1:18PM taking a leisurely curved path in which he easily cleared Fifth Avenue and flew over the Conservatory Water veering north where he soon landed on a thin upper branch of a tall Pin Oak at the edge of Central Park one block north of his nest.

The third baby fledged on Wednesday afternoon around 1:18PM.

Baby #3 (Cyprus) landed in a Pin Oak at the edge of Central Park.

Just after 5AM baby #3, alone in his nest, was still asleep. On Monday morning when he had the company of his big sister they were both up before 5AM.

Baby #3 woke up at 5:22AM.

He began to practice for his first flight soon after waking up, and will leave his nest eight hours later.

Palemale & Octavia teamed up to chase an intruding hawk out of the nest area.

Octavia flying in front of her nest on Wednesday morning where her third baby is getting ready to make his first flight.

Palemale flying with his mate Octavia Wednesday morning.

Octavia may be encouraging her baby to fly by teasing him with food but she did not carry on like this for long.

She only flew by him once.

And then she delivered the food to him.

Oscar, the first to fledge, is encouraging his little brother to make his first flight.

Who knows what they're telling each other. I would never know for sure so I can only guess. What I do know for sure is what they have to say is more important than any of the mindless conversations I have to endure from my human fellows each day.

Despite years of begging the 927 Fifth Avenue building management to remove these dangerous spikes, they're still here. Not even Palemale takes a chance to land on these balconies anymore. I used to be afraid and worry but not anymore. Low tactics like these seem to make the building owners happy and I cannot do anything to change their minds. I guess if I really didn't believe that there is something more powerful looking after them than co-op boards and corrupt government agencies, I would be worried.

Baby #3, Cyprus taking his first flight.

Baby #3 who I will now refer to as Cyprus landed here safely after his first flight. The branch is bouncy and gave him a challenge to hold on in the wind. He stayed put until nighttime.

Baby #3, Cyprus, on his first perch in Central Park.

This is baby #2 who fledged on Tuesday morning. Even if we wont know for sure I'll assume that she's female and I'll refer to her as Lola. This name is given so that beautiful love of Palemale who disappeared after so many years with him may not be forgotten.

Palemale taking only very short break after having to find food for his three hungry children.

Lola waiting to be fed.

Oscar, the first baby to fledge is flying and landing like a mature hawk, more advanced than a Stinker who left his nest just four days ago.

Palemale delivering food to his second baby, Lola.

Oscar flying like a pro.

Late Wednesday evening Octavia flew onto her now empty nest and stood there and watched her three babies calling out in the trees below her. In her gazing she no doubt was also admiring her strong dedicated mate as he hunted and visited each baby to make sure that they were all fed and out of danger.
Palemale's hard work is compounded by having to retrieve food which is often dropped when he hands it over to the little clumsy Stinkers.
I looked up at her and wondered what it would be like to have had a mother like her. How could she teach them so much and never have to scold?
The light mellowed into a thick saffron when I wished the day would never end. Let it never end so the day could be forever filled with everything good and happy and there will never come another day where there would be a chance of an unhappy time.
That is the coward in me speaking-- revealing the fear I have to endure the bad things which is so much a part of the goods things that I am blessed to see each day of my life.

Wednesday June 12, 2013.

2013 Fledging for 927 Fifth Ave:

June 9th (Oscar)--No witnesses. Must have occurred sometime before 11AM. It did not happen during the Puerto Rican Day Parade but hours before.

Oscar is named after a very beautiful friend of mine who loves life so much that he would not allow any terminal problem his doctors says he has stop him from being the happiest dog on Earth.

June 11th (Lola)--No witnesses. Very rainy day. Could have happened late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.

Lola is named after Palemale's mate who lived with him from Fall 2001 to December 2010. Any female hawk that I meet will always be Lola to me.

June 12th (Cyprus-male): 1:18PM. Several witnesses. Very sunny and windy afternoon.

Cyprus is named after another beautiful dog who was so intelligent that I often forgot she was a dog.