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June 12, 2009

Mama please don't kiss me anymore 'cause I'm a big boy now.

Mama please don't hug me again 'cause I am now fully grown.

Mama please don't snuggle me in 'cause I'm now tall and strong.

Mama I'm a big boy now.

So don't sing me songs to put me to sleep, 'cause I'm too old for that.

All I want to do is to think of the big wide world and how high I can fly.

Spend your time with little sissy and brother 'cause they're not old like me.

Mama I'm a big boy now.

I'll get my own food and fly where I like in that big, big ole world!

And I'll spend my nights all alone in the dark with the heat, the rain or the cold.

Mama? One more thing... Mama, do you think I can be a big boy tomorrow instead of today?

Because right now I think I can use a hug...and a kiss and a little snuggle in.

"No matter how big you get and how far and high you'll always be my 'little boy'.

All images above photographed on Friday June 12, 2009.

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