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June 11, 2009

One brave little soul in Riverside Park decided that he's ready to face the world.

Enjoying his new adventures one branch at a time must put a lot less stress on him compared to what his cousins on Fifth Avenue and Central Park South had to go through.

But this is his own brand new life and he is setting his own pace and ready to go to the Moon if he feels like it.

However for now he's staying close enough to his nest to make a quick dash back for Ma & Pa's free meals.

At the end of the evening our Riverside Park Mom visited her adventurous baby. She must be asking him if he's sure he doesn't want to return to his nest for the night.

"It's OK Ma", he probably told his dear mother who must be just as happy as she's sad to see him grow up so fast.

And indeed our young friend decided to spend his first night out of his nest.

This was his view as the brave young fellow went to sleep.

He was high enough to be alone but not so high that he couldn't see his little brother and sister snuggled up with Mom.

It must take a lot of will to not want to jump back down into that warm secure place.

Hold on tight my little Pal. We all love you and wish you a Goodnight.

All images above photographed on Thursday June 11, 2009.
PS: You may re-read all my captions and turn all the 'he's' into 'she's' and I'm certain it will be just as wonderful.

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