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June 10, 2008

The second baby hawk from Houston Street fledged sometime between Monday night (June 9th) and Tuesday morning. He or she ended up on the same lawn in the Baruch Houses and was taken away by Animal Care and Control just like the first.

Lola over 81st Street & Central Park West.

Lola stayed close to her mate Palemale all evening on the SE tower of the Beresford.

I think for now I'll stay with Palemale & Lola and avoid thinning out my attention on the other nests.

I feel like I'm bringing bad luck to the rest of them.

All images photographed on Tuesday June 10, 2008.

Please forgive the statement I made last Sunday
"In a neighborhood already plagued with negativity the one budding morsel of positiveness was rudely snatched away without the least bit of caring."
It was thoughtless of me to make such a statement. In fact this neighborhood is not plagued with negativity. There is hardly a neighborhood outside of this one where people wholeheartedly invite me into their houses and bring cold drinks and fruit for me after seeing me baking in the sun from out of their windows. This is the neighborhood where passing city busses would stop and their drivers run out to catch a glance of the babies on the nest through my camera. I also find that people are very genuine and more sincere not to mention more respectful than other places where I visit.