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July 6, 2009

All images above photographed on Monday July 6, 2009.

There are two puddles on the large rock just east of the Children's Playground at 83rd Street & Riverside Drive. The baby hawks and their parents are attracted to these little pools for taking baths. The water however is very dirty and contaminated with cigarette butts and other debris including broken bottles etc. I'm trying to get these puddles cleaned and filled with fresh water. If anyone can help by getting a staff gardener or other maintenance worker to help before I can get at it I'm sure the hawks will appreciate it.

I already asked through the 'red-tape' method to get the grounds around the playground cleaned but so far there has been no responce.

The park is generally well maintained, however for a adventurous baby hawk there are the cozy places out of the regular eyesight which are in a 'Ramble' condition.

NYC's Urban Park Rangers Deceit!

The Legend of Pale Male Website.

Unforgivable action by the Urban Park Rangers--Instead of sending the body of the Riverside Baby to Ward Stone for a necropsy and toxicology testing they 'disposed' it without any testing! Click Here for more info.

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