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July 5, 2013

Friday July 5, 2013.

The Central Park Conservancy is making a very poor effort to replace their polluting maintenance vehicles. These vehicles should have been replaced more than twenty years ago, but because the CPC is unsympathetic to the health of the parks visitors and more so to their own employees they have made this a very low priority. CPC Polluting vehicles.
None of the upper management of the CPC would ever operate these vehicles but they do not care that their maintenance staff, who are mostly Blacks and Hispanics, have to breathe in their suffocating fumes for their entire shift.
Anyone would tell you what these vehicles smell like when they drive by you.

For the past year since Palemale and Zena's baby got poisoned at the Museum of Natural History I kept checking to see if the poison boxes will ever be removed.

One year later they're still in place.

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