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July 4, 2009

Palemale very vocal at the north end of Turtle Pond on Saturday afternoon.

Lola landing on 1040 Fifth Avenue.

Lola, ragged but just as beautiful.

Palemale also a little busted up for summer.

Lola about to join Palemale on 1040 Fifth Avenue.

Palemale eating a rat near the 79th Street Transverse.

Two peas in a pod in Riverside Park. They have migrated from the west side of the highway and appears to have both settled down on the east side of the park where there are many less heart attack moments.

The silly-face of a good chin scratch.

Riverside Park Dad with food for one baby at a time.

You've made it my little Pals!

All images above photographed on Saturday July 4, 2009.


If we really are serious about making a healthy change, how much of a sacrifice would it be to end this thoughtless and selfish exhibition of uncaring? The solution is so easy...just do not partake. Sometimes I find that the easier the solution the more difficult it is to execute.
Macy's Fireworks! -- -- Fireworks - Cheap Thrills with Toxic Consequences. -- -- Independence from Toxic Fireworks Pollution.
Fireworks shower toxic chemicals.


Mr Orzeck from the DOT asked me to stop his email from being flooded and assures me that our request is being considered. Surely this sounds like good news, however I will be assured only when I see something actually done. I will continue to look out for any sign of action from the DOT.

We appreciate the concern in keeping the hawks safe. We will have this investigated for the feasibility of installing signage that could facilitate a safer environment.
Please be aware, however, that the enforcement of any speed regulation falls under the jurisdiction of the Police Department.

Thank you,
Josh Orzeck
Community Coordinator
Office of the Manhattan Borough Commissioner


NYC's Urban Park Rangers Deceit!

The Legend of Pale Male Website.

Unforgivable action by the Urban Park Rangers--Instead of sending the body of the Riverside Baby to Ward Stone for a necropsy and toxicology testing they 'disposed' it without any testing! Click Here for more info.

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