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July 4, 2008

Lola is very deserving of her place high on a pedestal.

And upon such a pedestal is quite a fitting place to execute a hearty scratch of her beautiful face!

From about 12 Noon to 7PM Palemale & Lola remained on this rail.

I call it rail, but over these hours it was called ‘balcony’, ‘banister’, ‘balustrade’, ‘gate’, and ‘thing’ by many a passer-by.

I sat and watched them throughout, and as I did I tried to think of what else I could have done with those seven hours to make that time more productive.

I thought about this and I thought about that but nothing seemed more worthwhile than to stand by and watch them both.

Maybe I was just being lazy, which is why I stood there for so long...

Or perhaps I was just struck, as I have been for so many years, with the sight of two of Nature’s most noble creations and so there was no where else to go.

But stayed I did until the rain came where detaching myself from their sight was, even after all that time, still very difficult.

This is the only shot I managed of Charlotte at Columbus Circle on Friday morning.

All images above photographed on Friday July 4, 2008.