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July 3, 2012

All images taken in Central Park Tuesday July 3, 2012.

Every year around this time I appeal to various key people in my workplace to not cover the ‘Hotdog Eating Contest’ and every year I fail. I also try to get them to expose the waste and pollution of the year-round fireworks displays and I fail there also. I have been trying since my days at CNN and now AP, which I thought would be more sober-minded, are just as bad as the former.

Our Media is controlled by a very small group of unsavory men and women. The reporters which go out to cover stories are not free thinking journalists. They are, many of them, conscious of which stories are newsworthy and how better to cover them, but Media employers have put such strict restraints on their staff that most journalists fear for their own welfare and cower from producing truthful copy and instead veer toward to the bland, mindless angles of which we have all become accustomed.