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July 31, 2008

Lola on 965 Fifth Avenue being attacked by a falcon.

The MET Rodenticide Use __ __ __ Updated Mail for July 2008 __ __ __ Dangers of Rodenticides

I didn't see Palemale in any of his usual places on Thursday.

All images above photographed on Thursday July 31, 2008.
For the past year or so I experienced a significant reduction of daily email. Many people told me that mail sent to were bounced back. I believe Yahoo! finally fixed this recently so both accounts should be fine now; and Thanks for visiting.

Stop these selfish, self-centered, stubborn and phony human beings who run the MET from jeopardizing the precious lives of the only innocent ones who are doing something right...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Philippe de Montebello (Director)
(212) 570-3902

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Emily Rafferty (President)
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