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July 29, 2008

The MET Rodenticide Use __ __ __ Updated Mail for July 2008 __ __ __ Dangers of Rodenticides

I hope the longing I have to see you each day doesn't somehow weigh down on you too much pal.

If so then that will be too much weight for you to put up with.

But please bear with me a little longer as I tether myself to you...

because you make me feel that something is right...

and you are someone for me to look up to.

Shamefully I feel like I'm stealing a part of your precious life by riding along so much.

But I'm sure you'll forgive me when you realize what else I have to look up to.

Sometimes when you look at me I shy away my eyes, because I feel ashamed that I cannot do anything for you.

But soon that shame turns into envy when I realize the world you live in.

I feel that each day you get to grow higher and higher...

while me and my kind steadily degrade into something unworthy of the precious opportunity we all have to ascend with you

But when someone does it as right as you...

then it matters not who's doing it wrong.

The Universe brought you this far and you've never let her down...

So she'll never turn her back on you.

All images above photographed on Tuesday July 29, 2008.

Stop these selfish, self-centered, stubborn and phony human beings from jeopardizing the precious lives of the only ones who are doing something right...

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