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July 28, 2011

All of a sudden Friday rolls around again with the delight of the weekend upon me, but as I begin to enjoy it that dreadful Monday morning looms through the thick, dank clouds of Sunday.
That sinewy path of now joy and now glum never ends and makes a wicked game with my spirit which makes me often wonder why it teases me with such beauty that it shows me in Palemale and all his fellow animals, and equally tortures me with the tiresome things I am compelled to do which keeps me away from him.
Nevertheless this impious game fate plays with me I must tolerate for as long as I can, because the rewards of those few precious moments I get to spend with them are well worth the woe of the unbearable time I am away from them.

The best anti-drug formula.

So when the day ends and morning presents itself for yet another one to endure, I look forward to my reward and Id like to think yours too.

Photographed in Central Park, Thursday July 28, 2011.