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July 28, 2009

Lola on the Beresford. I know the words 'Lola on the Beresford' can hardly describe the magnificence of what I see when I look up at her flying above the chaos down at my level. Those few words can never represent the joy I feel in my heart to see my beautiful friends making it in this difficult world we create for them.

But hopefully these humble images can convey to you a respectable amount of the beauty I see and feel so as to spare me of the task of finding words to put into a caption.

So here I am standing on the corner of 81st & CPW looking up at Palemale carrying a branch on his mouth--suddenly I am alone and no one else is around but me and him.

I can barely hear the bus pulling up next to me, and I am hardly bothered by the stench from the cigarette of the woman smoking next to me, and the irate horn blowing from the taxicabs at the intersection doesn't irritate me...

because I can see something above me which is making the Earth smile.

When someone like the Earth is smiling I know I want to smile too.

All images above photographed on Tuesday July 28, 2009.

Imidacloprid, from Wikipedia.
Central Park continues to use these dangerous chemicals without regard to their secondary effects on the environment. It is remarkable that they havenít found a way of avoiding the posting of these signs. It must be known how passive minded the public is so it doesnít matter what they put on the sign, very few if any one at all will take action.

Imidacioprid controversy
Visit the Great Lawn this weekend and you see mothers with their children romping on the grass, sunbathers sprawled out on the poisoned grass all totally oblivious to the toxicity they are exposing themselves to.

The Legend of Pale Male Website.