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July 25, 2009

Riverside Park Baby on the Hudson River side of the park Saturday morning.

Riverside Park Mom

All images above photographed on Saturday July 25, 2009.

Riverside Park Baby trapped himself inside a glass balcony on Riverside Drive between 79th & 78th Street on Saturday afternoon.
After five hours of mild distress and frustration he was out and immediately settled in a familiar tree near the children's playground at 82nd Street.

The DOT agreed to install new Speed Limit signs on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

I don't want to sound unappreciative for what the DOT has done in response to our letters, but they clearly stated that the sign was going to be '20MPH';
"Due to the danger posed to the hawks in the area, we have issued orders to install “20 MPH Speed Limit” signs for the ramp exiting the southbound Henry Hudson Parkway at West 79th Street."

When a fellow Hawk Watcher Dominique first suggested that I ask the DOT to install signs back in June soon after the first tragic accident with our first baby hawk I thought it was a ridiculous idea. In a place easy to call 'No York City' I couldn't imagine that the DOT would even respond to our request.
When at last they agreed to install the signs they offered the least possible action...a '20MPH' sign on only one side of the Parkway at the 79th Street exit ramp. But today when I saw the actual sign which they installed it appears even that small offering was too much to give.
However it is a start and sooner or later we must all come to realize that we are sharing this planet with other life forms all of whom are equally, if not more, worthy of existence alongside Man. I'm pretty sure that when that time comes speed limits will come naturally without the need for special signs like these.

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