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July 24, 2009

Another week of precious life for our young friend in Riverside Park who seem to have some of our own lives tethered to his.

He/she has done a great job in the last few weeks spreading a wake of beauty along the many paths he travels.

Though the world around him needs more beauty than his small heart can generate, still he never falters and forges ahead to do more than his fair share of beauty spreading.

During all of my hours at work as I reluctantly do my part in distributing tidings of human misery for the agency I work for I think of him and where he may be sitting at any given time.

All through the day I wonder whether or not he‘s giving himself a good scratch and is he keeping at a safe height over the highway.

I get anxious for not being there to watch his every move, but I always console myself that a mighty force is forever watching over him.

He‘s in good hands and a part of a much bigger picture than the one my puny eyes can see.

Bless you my little pal, I feel like I can see your Grandpa in every little move you make.

All images above photographed on Friday July 24, 2009.

The DOT agreed to install new Speed Limit signs on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

I don't want to sound unappreciative for what the DOT has done in response to our letters, but they clearly stated that the sign was going to be '20MPH';
"Due to the danger posed to the hawks in the area, we have issued orders to install “20 MPH Speed Limit” signs for the ramp exiting the southbound Henry Hudson Parkway at West 79th Street."

When a fellow Hawk Watcher Dominique first suggested that I ask the DOT to install signs back in June soon after the first tragic accident with our first baby hawk I thought it was a ridiculous idea. In a place easy to call 'No York City' I couldn't imagine that the DOT would even respond to our request.
When at last they agreed to install the signs they offered the least possible action...a '20MPH' sign on only one side of the Parkway at the 79th Street exit ramp. But today when I saw the actual sign which they installed it appears even that small offering was too much to give.
However it is a start and sooner or later we must all come to realize that we are sharing this planet with other life forms all of whom are equally, if not more, worthy of existence alongside Man. I'm pretty sure that when that time comes speed limits will come naturally without the need for special signs like these.

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