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July 22, 2008

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is deceiving the public on the lethal rodenticide they are using!. After issuing that sterile 'News Release' on July 15, 2008 in which they pretended to be so remorseful about the lethal poison (FASTRAC, active ingredient 'Bromethalin') which was being used 'without their knowledge', they have now reverted to CONTRAC (active ingredient Bromodiolone) which is just as bad as the poison that they were so sorry to have been using.
Keep calling and writing the MET's director Philippe de Montebello:(212) 570-3902!

Do not call the Communications Department which they keep referring callers to. They are just diverting the attention of this important situation. Let the director himself get the heat and let him know that he must step in and end this horrible practice. This is New York City where all the world's most technically and morally advanced people are supposedly living. Rats are not living in the park or in the museum to eat grass and nibble on milkweed they are coming to eat hamburgers and hot dogs and French fries and all the other gluttonous human food which is poorly disposed and managed at the MET and in Central Park.
I will not just stand by and take 'pretty' pictures of these animals and not speak out for them!
What kind of society will continuously and willfully endanger the life of its precious wildlife especially in these enlightened times? The MET and Central Park must stop their careless attitude toward these weaker and vulnerable creatures. They must step down from their phony pedestal and learn to live with all our animals. The Earth will be quite habitable without phony art exhibits and fickle human beings that fuss over them, but it will be a sorry place to live without red-tailed hawks and rats.

Palemale & Lola on the NNE tower of the Beresford on Tuesday evening.

All images above photographed on Tuesday July 22, 2008.