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July 18, 2008

Palemale & Lola on 965 Fifth Avenue, Friday evening.

All images above photographed on Friday July 18, 2008. Images below from last Monday & Tuesda.

When Palemale raided a sparrow's nest on Monday last...

One of the babies fell out of the nest and onto the asphalt path directly below.

Palemale had his eye on it but there were too many people around so I guess he thought against going after it.

The little bird was placed on the lawn behind a fence out of the way from foot traffic. I then reached as high as I could and put the trembling bird in the crotch of a thick branch. I then made a soft bed for it with a small towel I carry around and covered it slightly to give it what I thought was a comfortable last few moments of life.

The next day I returned to the makeshift nest expecting the worst. I even wished that it had passed away peacefully in the night. I reached up to the makeshift nest and carefully looked inside. I found the little sparrow sitting very quietly nestled in the soft fabric. It was alive and there were many droppings all around the towel. I carefully picked him up with some protest and a few firm bites from his little beak. I was able to get some water into its mouth with a wet finger feeding droplets at the corner of the mouth remembering what my old friend Vivian Sokol showed me years ago. I went a little further to feed it a watery paste of crushed almond which it took in healthily. But I realized a little later that my efforts were quite unnecessary. When I heard the sound of a calling sparrow above me I quickly returned the baby to its makeshift nest and I stepped away and watched with delight...

There were at least five sparrows in attendance.

I am convinced that none of them were the baby's parents...

I really do believe that those worthy little creatures adopted the baby after hearing its cries.

Their world may be tough...

But I can tell from their eyes that their world is truly beautiful.