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July 13, 2009

Only a few hours after the untimely passing of his sibling and playmate, the last survivor of three healthy baby red tail hawks sits quietly in Riverside Park on Monday evening.
Maybe it was the Wind or maybe it was my imagination or both, which seem to make me hear his thoughts; "I shall never possess any fear whatever of death, and shall live my life one moment at a time with neither great expectations nor lessened boundaries for myself."

"I shall strive to remain free regardless of its pitfalls, and acknowledge that my freedom is the source of preservation and evolution of my kind."

"I shall never demonstrate greed or selfishness nor consume more than which the natural forces within me directs."

"I may stand by myself but I shall never be alone, for I understand that I am just a small part of a much bigger entity."

Who are we to measure his lifetime? To us they were mere days and weeks which we were barely able to register on our lifelines, but to him those scanty fragments of time shall be his fulfilled lifetime. A wonderful lifetime it was for our late friend in which he touched so many of us with his beauty or her beauty--for when beauty is so deep gender has little importance.
He played and rejoiced his life like I can only dream of playing and rejoicing. And as for his loving sibling which shared his short spirited life, now left alone, I can hardly begin to imagine what their love and their bond was like. Watching them share all their precious moments together leaves me with an everlasting assurance that true love does exist.
It was such a pleasure and a thrill to make it into Riverside Park and watch them play and fly and raise their sweet voices to herald the beginning of their young adventurous lives, and now itís as if the painter of this beautiful work suddenly, for no explainable reason, rubbed a wet sponge over a big part of the beautiful thing which we all enjoyed for so many enchanting weeks.
But I have seen many a daring artist put a wet sponge to their painstakingly beautiful canvas as I stood by cringing and grimacing at their seemingly foul action. But trust in the eye and heart of the artist and soon youíll see them apply their palette knife and fan brush with some scraping and smearing, daubing and flicking to skillfully transform that destructive deed, and before your eyes their painting will come to life once again with many new surprises to set our broken hearts at peace once more.

All images above (except the babies with heads touching--June 16, 2009), photographed on Monday July 13, 2009.

Monday July 13, 2009: 1:33PM:
Another Riverside Park baby hawk was killed on the Henry Hudson Parkway! I received a call from Eddie who said the horrible incident occurred around 1:33PM.
(With a great deal of tugging and fighting the body of our unfortunate companion has been personally taken from the Urban Park Rangers and sent directly to Dr Ward Stone who is waiting to expedite the necropsy).

To get the speed limit enforced on this lethal stretch of highway please call:
Highway 1 (718) 822-5804
Ask to speak to the Highway Safety Officer.

Letter to the DOT

Our friend at the DOT who had promised everyone that they were going to consider putting 'SLOW' signs around the areas concerned gave me the impression that it will be a very long process. It appears that because it is an animal safety issue it has very little if any priority at all. His supervisor is:
Margaret Forgione, Boro Commissioner (212) 487-8341.
These hawks are part of our life, they deserve some special attention. The requests for speed enforcement is nothing out of the ordinary--they are laws which are already in place but simply not being enforced.

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