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July 12, 2009

Riverside Park baby observing a passer-by.

Monday July 13, 2009: 1:33PM:
Another Riverside Park baby hawks was killed on the Henry Hudson Parkway! I received a call from Eddie who said the horrible incident occured around 1:33PM.
(With a great deal of tugging and fighting the body of our unfortunate companion has been personally taken from the Park Rangers and sent directly to Dr Ward Stone who is waiting to expedite the necropsy).

To get the speed limit enforced on this stretch of highway please call:
Highway 1 (718) 822-5804
Ask to speak to the Highway Safety Officer.

Letter to the DOT

Our friend at the DOT who had promised everyone that they were going to consider putting 'SLOW' signs around the areas concerned gave me the impression that it will be a very long process. It appears that because it is an animal safety issue it has very little if any priority at all. His supervisor is:
Margaret Forgione, Boro Comissioner (212) 487-8341.
These hawks are part of our life, they deserve some special attention. The requests for speed enforcement is nothing out of the ordinary--they are laws which are already in place but are simply not being enforced.

Palemale making a somewhat unseasonable appearance over the Model Sailboat Pond.

Lola on the Beresford's south side.

Riverside Park baby.

Riverside Park Mom attempting to take a bath on her favorite rock puddle but the area was too crowded.

Happy little friends at the Model Sailboat Pond.

All images above photographed on Sunday July 12, 2009.

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