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July 1, 2018

To the few visitors I have left, I just want you to know that I am taking it a bit slow with the pictures these days.
I lost my eagerness to rush out to the park every moment I get to take pictures, which barely gets noticed anyway.
I feel my time is better spent trying to address the evil entities that run Central Park--the home of the animals we all love so much.
Merely taking pictures of those animals for mindless entertainment, I feel, is not enough.
Trying to stop the destruction of their homes, I believe, is more important than just taking pictures.
The NYC Parks & Recreation, The Central Park Conservancy and the Central Park Precinct are three uncaring, destructive and downright evil entities that I spend the best part of my free time fighting.
But the real difficulty is the complacency of the ordinary people who one would expect to team-up against those destroyers.

I think it's natural for the people in government agencies to take as much as they think they can get away with, while they have the means, but it's up to us peasants to keep a watchful eye on them and hold them accountable for any irregularities they may attempt to pull on us.
But when the peasants are so dumbed-down and completely satisfied with accepting everything that is dished out to them by these government agencies, how can a person ever hope to make any grounds without their backing?

Rat poison is still a major problem for raptors in NYC. My latest battle has been with the NYPD and the Parks Enforcement who refuse to enforce the long-awaited Car-Free declaration for Central Park, because they receive bribes from the violators.
Recently I had to reach out as far as the New York State Governor's Office to address the corruption within these two government agencies. However it appears that even Andrew Cuomo is just a few footsteps from jail himself, so I'll have to depend on the sincerity of his underlings to do what they promised to do for me.

So please pardon the lack of regular updates and enjoy the archives while I write endless letters and submit evidence to do what little I can to keep these evil entities at bay.
I do visit our friends with no cameras to check on them frequently.

Palemale & Octavia's Baby at the Group of Bears in Central Park - July 1, 2018

Sunday July 1, 2018