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A special welcome to the residents and management of 927 Fifth Avenue--I understand that you are frequent visitors to this humble<br>website.<br> 
My wish is that one day the images and thoughts expressed here may inspire you to ignite that small packet of goodness which I know<br>is in you but has remained dormant for a very long time.<br>
Hopefully one day as you come across the face of one of these beautiful animals I post here, your minds may veer away from the anger<br>and hate you come here to nurture and you just might consider utilizing your vast wealth to make a healthy change in the world which<br>I am sure you will find much more nourishing to your soul than any other designing intentions you may now be harboring.<br>
I say this with sincerity and wish you peace.<br>

Lima seems to be getting used to landing on the sharp spikes on the 12th floor balcony of 927 Fifth Avenue.

Someone or something brought them into the world for a good reason. I cringe when I think that same someone or something also brought
into the world those people who are trying to destroy them.

Palemale enjoying a cool mist of water from a garden hose on a Fifth Avenue terrace put there by a thoughtful resident.

Photographed on Fifth Avenue, Friday July 1, 2011.

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