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Palemale and his new mate courting over Fifth Avenue.

Palemale appears to have decided on this female who bears a striking resemblance to his daughter-in-law Charlotte.

Palemale's new mate about to enter her nest.

Palemale's new mate entering her nest for the first time.

There was a lot of nest activity on Sunday morning then the couple left and spent most of the day further north on Fifth Avenue.

Palemale introducing the nest to his new mate.

Palemale travelling north on Madison Avenue.

Palemale's new mate getting accustomed to her new place.

All images above photographed in and around Central Park on Sunday January 9, 2011.
I don't know if I'll ever find out what happened to Lola. I am unwilling to probe her disappearance for fear of discovering that she was poisoned.
There is an anger in me that the Central Park Conservancy has warned their maintenance staff that any hawk found dead or injured should be brought immediately to them and that they should not tell anyone about it. The management of the MET, like the Central Park Conservancy is another nasty untrustworthy organization who will hide any evidence to protect themselves should Lola fall victim to their poisoning program.
An incident which gives me some justification in my feelings for the CP Conservancy occurred last summer when a gull was found dead on the Harlem Meer. It was erroneously identified as a hawk and reported to a Conservancy supervisor who became very alarmed and warned the maintenance staff to bring it immediately to the Yard (The CP Conservancy headquarters). Once the carcass was properly identified the Conservancy disposed of it and there was no more alarm. The gull had died by strangulation on discarded fishing line in the Harlem Meer. (The cruel pastime of catch and release fishing is encouraged up at the Harlem Meer with no intelligent supervision and guidance. This activity is almost entirely aimed toward inner-city children in the area, many of whom experience violence at home and in their neighborhood. Teaching them to be insensitive to the suffering and torture of innocent fish is an obscene and thoughtless way to prepare them for their adult life).
Of course I am perfectly willing to accept any natural cause of my beloved friend's disappearance, but just the thought that there may be a possibility of deception on the part of the above mentioned organizations I will never rest easy until I find out the truth.

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