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Lima getting ready to sleep on Tuesday evening. She tried three different trees before settling into the forth to sleep. We take it<br>
for granted that they can tolerate the cold but they do feel the discomfort.

We prod them and torment them in the name of science and education, and declare that they do not suffer as a result.

People like Barbara Loukes and Dr Elizabeth Bunting will tell you that the horrible things scientists are doing to animals is perfectly acceptable yet neither of them could tolerate the pain and torture of answering their phone to speak to me.

Neither of them have the guts to speak to me so they are hiding behind their police departments. If you thought NYPD police were on the bottom rung of the education ladder you should try speaking to these other types of police (NYSDEC and Cornell).
[1/4/2012--This last statement I must retract after speaking to the Cornell Police who turned out to be very understanding and cooperative. He promised to help me get the information I am seeking from Elizabeth Bunting.

To the people who are condemning my method of addressing the many problems I'm trying to deal with I welcome your criticism. However I am still waiting to hear of your success stories so I can quickly adopt your methods.

All images above taken in Central Park, Tuesday January 3, 2012.

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