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January 30, 2016

Bobby Horvath & Cathy St Pierre's Injured Wildlife Care Fundraiser.

My first encounter with Bobby Horvath was not a pleasant one, but since then I've learnt to respect and understand the valuable work he and his family undertakes.
In all the years I've had to call on Bobby, directly or indirectly, I have never heard that he was unavailable because he was at a party, or on a pleasure cruise or away skiing or anything like that.
It seems that he or Cathy or both are always ready to drive all the way from Long Island to come into Manhattan to take care of some distressed animal, especially our baby hawks that are forever falling victim to the nasty environment we create for them.
All I do is point a camera and take a mediocre picture here and there. I may complain that the sun is not bright enough or that a leaf is blocking my shot. But Bobby puts himself out there in whatever weather there is, out on ledges, into lakes, getting wet, getting frozen, getting bitten. I am certain that he doesn't look out of his window and say "today looks too overcast, I think I'll sleep-in instead of going out to rescue that hawk that was shot by a hunter."
He takes those sick or injured animals into his home and feeds them, pays for their vet bills and their medicine and then he sets most of them free so we can have something to admire and take pictures of and generally have something to look up to because many of us don't have much to admire as far as fellow humans go.
We have only those few wild animals to admire, so to watch them get abused by some wicked person or organization is heartbreaking and that's where Bobby and Cathy comes in. They can't save them all, but just those few that they can bring back from death's grasp really helps to renew our faith and gets us back to having a little hope.

Thank you, Bobby & Cathy.

Great Horned owl changed roosting tree in Central Park--Saturday.

Young RT hawk hunting in Central Park on Saturday.

Saturday January 30, 2016.