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January 28, 2008

Our Long Eared friend in the Pinetum woke up when a handful of nuthatches expressed their contempt for creatures with weird hairdos.

Back to sleep.

Palemale on 965 Fifth Avenue.

Lola on her nest.

All good reasoning shows that it is more difficult to swallow poised upside down, but my little friend here is not too particular about physics.

Palemale getting ready to go to sleep near the East Drive.
On Sunday afternoon two CP Conservancy trucks feverishly worked for several hours with power hoses around the south end of the MET removing graffiti from the walls of the museum. However when debris like this is lodged in trees the same Conservancy refuse to remove it and it stays there for years. The difference is the graffiti is an eyesore to human beings but the debris can only harm wild animals which do not vote and do not give large donations to maintain the park. This evil way of thinking is unjust and must end.

All images photographed on Sunday January 27, 2008.

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