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January 27, 2008

Lola looking at Palemale as he flew back into the Park.

Who knows what they discussed before he took off.

Above the busy Fifth Avenue traffic filled with people anxious to get to their place of work to make important things happen...

and above the parked SUVs awaiting their wealthy passengers who are eager to close deals and make big important investments...

I far as the Earth is concerned...beyond all else that appeared to be so important, what Lola had to say to Palemale on that high perch on Monday morning was the most important of all.

And by the softness of the breeze that brushed across my face as I looked up at her when she left her perch, and by the silence of the sky and the warmth of the Sun, I knew that those wonderful forces were listening to what she had to say and paying little attention to anything else.

I can only dream of ever hearing what she had to say. Even if I may never hear what she has to say, I'll occupy the rest of my life...listening.

All images above photographed on Monday January 28, 2008. Those below taken on Saturday.

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