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January 25, 2008

Walking around Washington, DC I gazed at the various monuments and buildings. Such a thing as the Federal Reserve Bank for example, has a way of letting a casual observer like myself feel small and insignificant. But I gave that giant lump of concrete and steel a good gaze to let it know that it does nothing worthwhile for the earth that it is stifling beneath its heavy foundation. I let that cold, heartless building know that trees unlike buildings do not intimidiate causal gazers, and trees are not a burden to the earth. Instead, trees do useful work for the earth and air and produce food and shelter for wild animals.

You, Mr Federal Reserve Bank, do nothing but generate poisonous sewage and put harmful gasses into the air. You do not make a hospitable place for a tired wild animal to live, and the business that you conduct within your walls cause worldwide suffering and ultimately war and unrest. You keep human beings in a constant state of worry and misery since the nature of your business is trickery and false hope.

So go ahead and look down on my puny existence, and go ahead and scorn my gaze, but here I am to tell you that I would much prefer to see at least one tree growing out of the earth in place of your massive no good existence. And with such a tree growing where you are I would have a peaceful gaze at it and I may even walk up to it and perhaps pluck a fruit from its branch after which I may sit down under its shady branches and quench my hunger. When I'm finished eating I may rest for a while against its strong trunk and watch a humble bird take refuge on one of its higher branches. I may even fall asleep for a while under the shade of that giving tree and have a peaceful dream. I'll be comforted to know that the business conducted within and without that tree will never cause suffering and war.

But presently Mr Federal Reserve Bank, you are king, and all around your walls near and far are the evidence of your malicious business--unhealthy humans, destitution, poison in the air, poison in the water, deception in the hearts of Man.

I am almost dead and my words to you may disappear into the wind, but slowly the earth is rejecting you and pushing you away from her chest because she wants a tree to grow where you have rudely placed yourself. Those spikes you put up on your walls to keep away those humble birds will soon enough be replaced with a welcoming branch for them with soft green leaves to purify the air and cool the earth. I know this to be true because I hear it in the wind and from the rustling of leaves of other trees around you.

But only for now, you are king.

All images photographed on Sunday February 24, 2008.