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Palemale late Monday evening just before going to bed.<br>
(Poor quality today due to a very late start and bad light)

I can only assume that this is Palemale's new mate, but I think by now I should not be too quick to assume.

Just a few weeks ago I would not hesitate to declare that this was Palemale & Lola but now I will have to say it is Palemale and his new mate--but I still don't think it's safe to make that assumption.

Looking closer I don't think either one is Palemale.

It was difficult to get a good shot due to really bad light on Monday evening.

If I didn't have to be accountable for everything I write here I would feel free enough to say that one of them is Lola.

But I have no idea so I think I should just observe and don't allow my heart to speak of things it cannot see.

While I write this a certain orange and white animal has made himself quite comfortable in my chair so I have to sit on a stool and stretch over him to write this as he yawns without a care.

But the warm raspy kisses I get when I whisper in his ear how much I love him makes up for all the discomfort.

Palemale getting ready to sleep.

Palemale didn't sleep in this bare tree but settled into his warmer pine tree tonight.

Photographed in Central Park, Monday January 24, 2011.

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