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January 20, 2008

This young, little 'you know what' must have slept near the children's playground at 67th Street & CPW.
I heard him mumbling to himself saying "I am the best looking hawk in the whole of Central Park". He made sure that a group of sunbathing sparrows heard him as they kept a cautious distance perched on a fence along the bridal path. I stopped taking pictures of him and gave him a stern look. I warned him that his conceited attitude was not to be tolerated and that humility would carry him much further if he were to have any intentions of making Central Park his home.

Our little Stinker's voice awoke one sleeping customer further up the path and I acknowledged a glare of disgust cast toward the young red-tail which stood against a blast of sunlight which presently broke free from a slow moving cloud.

Immune to the contempt of his audience he began to preen himself some more and shortly thereafter took off further south...

where I have no doubt his propaganda will once again be pitched to some other innocent bystanders.

Lola about to take a short perch on the rear of the old Woody water tower.

Lola kept a flock of pigeons very active during the frigid Sunday morning.

Palemale perched on an upper floor of 960 Fifth Avenue.

The Oreo Antenna late Sunday evening...of course presently I would have loved to have one or both of our loving couple sitting on their favorite perch, but it is not ever up to me when and where they sit.

Little Red-Tailed Hawks 2008 Calendar