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January 17, 2016

Bobby Horvath Injured Wildlife Care Fundraiser.


Cardinal with streetlight.

Sunday January 17, 2016.

The following videos gives a little idea of what the Great Horned Owl was exposed to on his/her last day (Wednesday January 6th), seen in the Ramble:

A Central Park Conservancy employee showing no concern for the sensitive area that he is driving his vehicle. He had absolutely no reason to be in the Ramble with a vehicle of this size.
To an unthinking observer, the CPC is doing a world of good for the park with their over-manicured lawns and coffee mugs and green and while plastic shopping bags for trinkets at their gift shops.
But an observer who looks deeper into their operation will see this organization's sinister plans for Central Park. Cutting down healthy trees, excessive manicuring, awarding contracts to companies without the fair process that the City has to abide by, destroying the natural habitat for the wildlife of the park.
Some things that you would not see being addressed are the filthy conditions of the restrooms, inadequate enforcement for littering, smoking and illegal drug activities.
The mission of the CPC is not to improve the quality of life for the park's visitors, but merely to draw more visitors into the park to produce data for increasing value for commercial business purposes.
It matters not if these visitors are muggers, rapists or perverts--they just need to clock more bodies into the park. To accomplish this task, the park has to be brightened up and attractions like fireworks and art exhibits has to be used so that more people will come in.
Dense areas of trees discourage the average mindless visitor so these trees has to be cut down to make room for lawns and fountains and tulip gardens.

Please scroll down to the end of the page to see a few videos of what the Great Horned Owl was exposed to on his/her last day (Wednesday January 6th), seen in the Ramble: