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January 17, 2008

I hope these images do not begin to appear like my 'vacation snapshots'. I am looking forward to Friday evening to get some fresh shots of Palemale & Lola.

My awe for these wonderful people certainly have not, even now, lessened.

I fancy that I can still hear their wild conversations over that restless river. It was a dam actually over where their tree stood--my fellow Man even tries to enslave a flowing river.

Sitting in their company on that rock on the frozen river bank remaining as quiet as I could brings back a special solice.

I can hardly forgive myself that four years ago in Des Moines, instead of walking down to this very river I occupied my time sitting in a cafe on 4th Street whose speciality was rice cakes, while I listened to Joan Jett rallying for Howard Dean.

Little Red-Tailed Hawks 2008 Calendar