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January 16, 2014

The Central Park Precinct staff are illegally using the Bridle Path along 86th Street, for parking their personal vehicles.

They have destroyed this delicate area with their indiscriminate and abusive use. Their activity is condoned by the Parks Department and even the Central Park Conservancy who would not dare say anything about it.

I checked around and found that many concerned groups are complaining about this but they merely grumble about it and perhaps find it fruitless to attempt to have it stopped.
On this day I counted seventy-eight private vehicles. This excessive number suggests that NYPD staff may be using this area for long-term parking since I cannot see how such a small precinct can have that many staff members at work at any given time.

Recently this Department of Transportation sign appeared. I found it annoying that the DOT will officially make this a parking zone, so I made some calls and wrote some letters.

It turned out that the DOT did not install this sign nor did they authorize it. The DOT Commissioner for Manhattan told me that the sign is unauthorized and she promptly had it removed.
The Central Park Cops overstepped their authority and illegally installed this sign which they no doubt stole from some place and unprofessionally stuck it in the ground in an attempt, I am sure, to dismiss any doubt from the public. They never thought that anyone would take the time to investigate their criminal activity.

My correspondence with the DOT:

Forgione, Margaret

Jan 15, 2014


Please be advised that we removed the unauthorized sign in the photo that you included below.

Thank you for contacting us on this matter.


Margaret Forgione
Manhattan Borough Commissioner
Dept. of Transportation
59 Maiden Lane, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10038
(212) 839-6210

From: Lincoln Karim []
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 1:38 PM
To: Forgione, Margaret
Subject: Illegal Parking in Central Park, Manhattan

Dear Ms Forgione,

I am trying to address a big problem in Central Park which compromises the safety of park visitors especially children at play.

Several areas of Central Park are used illegally to park and operate vehicles belonging to a variety of motorists who indiscriminately use the park with very little concern that it is a restricted area.

The problems may not all be under the jurisdiction of the DOT but for now I am trying to address a single issue.

* The use of Central Park's Bridle Path as a parking lot for the Central Park NYPD Precinct.

I do not wish to inundate your email with too many photos but I do have hundreds of pictures of fraudulent permits in the cars which are parked in this area. I also believe (but have no proof) that the sign installed in the pictures below was not done officially by the DOT. Even if it is a legal and official sign it is not a good idea since the Bridal Path is not designed for vehicular traffic of this magnitude. To compound the issue further the vehicles do not have proper permits in the windshields.

The DOT's Josh Orzack began communicating with me on this issue but I have not been able to get any official response from him for several weeks now.

Please investigate this parking in Central Park to help me to have a starting point in my campaign to address other illegal parking in our precious and delicate Central Park.

I thank you and look forward to hearing from you,


Lincoln Karim


Here is one of the vehicles which appears to be parked for a considerable time

It doesn't even appear to be road worthy.

Few of these vehicles have any sort of permit which could be considered official. Those vehicles that do have whay appears to be a permit are still suspicious. These are our Police which are supposed to be enforcing laws and here they are breaking the law for their personal gain.

Even if the Central Park Conservancy has no authority to post a sign like this, with not even the Parks Department logo on it, still it was put there for some good reason...

But ignoring the sign (green square to the right of the vehicle), this CPP off duty cop drives his personal vehicle to violate it. As far as the cop is concerned, he is above the law.

Of course the CP Conservancy, Parks Department and the CP Precinct can now meet and slap some signs together to make this area an official parking lot to shut me up. But it will forever remain known that I caught them in an illegal act of installing a DOT sign without proper authorization.

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