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January 1, 2016

Bobby Horvath Injured Wildlife Care Fundraiser.

Palemale on the Linda Building, December 31, 2015.

Dear Mayor de Blasio:

I see my request turned out to be a 'No' to the fireworks relocation.

Believe me, I can understand how embarrassing it would be for the Mayor of New York to make any kind of changes to such a momentous event.
What would people think of us if we went so far to cancel the fireworks? They will think so much less of us if we showed any signs of weakness to our characteristic, wasteful and extravagant ways.
I will make a point to begin photographing a few things around NYC over the next few days that you should be embarrassed about, but isn't.


Lincoln Karim.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE: 311 or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC

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Dear Sir:

Since early November this year, a Great Horned Owl has taken up temporary residence in the Ramble in Central Park. The owl roosts during the daytime hours of 7:30AM to 5PM and then spends the nighttime hours flying and hunting in the Ramble and around the Lake in Central Park.
On December 31st there is a planned fireworks display for New Year's Eve, which will be set off from the Carriage Turnaround in Central Park. I fear that this will be a horrible experience for this Great Horned Owl and many other animals in Central Park. Allowing this annual fireworks event to go on as planned can be detrimental to this precious animal.
Please relocate this event somewhere outside of Central Park. Central Park is home to many animals which are tormented by this unnecessary demonstration of uncaring behavior by our city leaders. This year please show some respect and understanding for our precious wildlife that cannot speak for themselves.
I personally would like to see the fireworks display completely eliminated and have those funds spent on something more worthwhile and longer lasting like investments into our failing public schools and/or providing safe and sanitary toilet facilities throughout the city.
Surely a great many people will be disappointed for the loss of the half hour display of mindless entertainment, but not having the New Year's Eve fireworks display this year may start a healthy trend amongst other cities and towns to follow in New York City's example and sober ourselves to the reality that we need to change our destructive ways to make life for future generations of humans and animals more livable.

I am pleading to you to use your authority to take this disruptive event out of Central Park.


Lincoln Karim.

Despite what was certainly a traumatic night for our visiting friend, she (he) made it back to roost on New Years Day as usual.

Saturday December 26, 2015.

Bobby Horvath Injured Wildlife Care Fundraiser.

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 12:27 PM, Taylor, Jeremy J (DEC) wrote:


I was wondering if you know who took or owns the rights to the attached images? I am hoping to use them in the upcoming issue of Conservationist for Kids, but have not been able to find copyright information.


Jeremy Taylor
Environmental Educator / Editor, Conservationist for Kids, Office of Communication Services

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway, 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-4502
P: 518-402-8018 | F: 518-402-9036 |

From: Lincoln Karim
Sent: ıTuesdayı, ıDecemberı ı22ı, ı2015 ı1ı:ı49ı ıPM To: Taylor, Jeremy J (DEC)

Dear Jeremy,

I am the owner of the images you attached. Please know that I have given permission to a wide variety of people for publication of my work--mostly for free. However I cannot find it in myself to allow any of my humble work to be used by the DEC since your department has been a source of grief to me for the last decade and more. The DEC, in my opinion, is an enemy to wildlife in New York State and has, through people like Barbara Loukes and the entire staff at Region II especially Riverra and Wilson, painted an extremely ugly picture of yourselves. The DEC, instead of a department to be called upon to help protect the welfare of wildlife in Central Park, has been, on every occasion I contacted them, a group of people that I have had to protect wildlife against. Those three baby red tail hawks in the first picture that you are interested in have all died painful deaths from rat poison in Central Park and surrounding areas, for which the DEC refuses to help me control.

What kind of a man will I be then, to allow you to use that picture to promote yourself as lovers and defenders of those very animals? The DEC is allowing fishing for fun in Central Park where lead sinkers and discarded fishing hooks and line are continuously endangering the lives of our few struggling wildlife--where are your colleagues to enforce and control or even educate those fishermen?

It is with much discomfort I had to dig up this page I published on my website from a few years ago: Plight of a female RTH with improper leg band.

I am writing all this to you with the hope that if you are a person, unlike many of your colleagues, who may have the welfare of wildlife in your best interest, that you may know, through this communication, the reputation of the people you work for and perhaps are willing to turn that bad reputation around.

I am also taking the time to write all this with the expectation that you may be one of the employees of the DEC like Joe Okoniewski, who may have the guts to immunize yourself from the influence of destructive entities like pesticide manufacturers and real estate developers and seek to be instrumental in executing the duties of the true role of the DEC to conserve the environment.

The fact that you are targeting your educational literature to children tells me that you have an important tool at your disposal to influence the one remaining hope for the conservation of our environment.

If you acknowledge the present horrible reputation of the NYSDEC, and you are actively trying to do something that will make those children's environmental future better than it is today, then you may have any amount of my work for your magazine free and without restriction. If you do not believe that anything I have written is worthwhile, then please look to the dozens and dozens of other photographers out there that have far superior images to mine and who, I am sure, will be willing to work with you.


Lincoln Karim.