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January 1, 2008 (Iowa)

I was prepared to find just a few pigeons or other smaller birds to warm my heart up over the next few days but each day I venture out on short breaks I am more and more...warmed.

Here is a genuine Iowan Stinker just six blocks away from the phony political nonsense at the Polk County Convention Complex.

Several blocks further I thought I was dreaming when I saw this...hopefully I can upload these before I wake up.

Iowa will be so much the better if they had more Hawkus and less Caucus.

I asked several passers by if they ever noticed this little guy and most of them had not noticed him/her before.

Quite a few people knew about Palemale however.

Near the same river above. I was surprised to see how unconcerned some Canada Geese were sitting on the water not too far away.

I don't claim to have discovered this little Stinker...

I just tend to keep my gazing around in a different direction from the passers by.

All above photographed in downtown Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday January 2, 2008.

Over the next ten days from December 31st to Jan 10th 2008 I'll be travelling for work. During this time I will not be able to make daily updates. Unless I find any interesting animals in Iowa & New Hampshire you may not see any new postings. I have not been away from NYC for so long since 2004.

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