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January 11, 2008

When I made my way to his home today I had a worried feeling--I had nothing in particular to be worried for, still I felt an uneasiness all along my way. I quickly remembered all the wild animals I was blessed to see over the last few days and I wondered who will be worried for them tonight.

I visited his nest and stared at it helplessly in the weak evening light. I tried to imagine where the little Iowan hawk was born and whether anyone had looked after him. Right then I saw how silly it was to worry and how selfish it was to try to steer the course of such a wonderful story as his.

I saw him perched far across the park--from where I stood I saw a slight hint that he may be perched on the MET.

I saw how unnecessary it was to worry for any of them and I was able to let go somewhat and allow the Universe to carry on.


One little Iowan Stinker I found near Southwest 3rd Street.

After many uncomfortable days and nights I was finally able to watch him go to sleep this evening in a bath of soothing light blown like a soft kiss from the clear crescent moon perched happily over his precious head.

Little Red-Tailed Hawks 2008 Calendar