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January 10, 2008

A formidable face in the Ramble on Saturday.

Snow is like rain only a little gentler and maybe even a bit softer.

Perhaps snowflakes can dance a little more that raindrops.

And snowflakes handle whiskers a little different than raindrops.

Neither snow nor rain pecks more or less to some people.

Snowflakes kisses a face rather different than raindrops...but a kiss is a kiss regardless.

Maybe snowflakes has the edge on raindrops in showmanship.

the former certainly brightens things up a little more that the latter.

People come out more for snow I think.

I notice people also tend to pose in the snow more than they do rain.

As for the tickling effect of falling snowflakes and raindrops on cheeks, they may be both on the same level.

Rain surely has the prize for drinkability over snow.

But sometimes it's hard to decide which is preferred.

The one thing snowflakes cannot do as well as their wetter cousins is make a puddle...

a big juicy, splashy, belly slopping puddle!

Allimages above photographed on a snowy Saturday January 10, 2009 in Central Park.

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