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Jan 10, 2008 (Iowa & NH)

It's so nice to be back home but unlike previous trips where I never thought of venturing away from the work site I now really do miss those new friends I was fortunate to make in Iowa & NH.

I'm sure some people get to see sights like this very often, enough to take it for granted. But I still cannot believe that I had an opportunity to see these guys up close especially in such an unexpected situation.

I encountered this happy sighting after a half hour walk from the downtown area in Des Moines.

Baby eagle attempting to catch a fish in the Des Moines River.

A young RTH perched under a bridge (south end of Southwest Water Street).

I crouched at the corner of an abandoned railroad crossing and did my best to be unnoticed by them as they conversed with each other and occasionally left their tree perch to find food in the Des Moines River.

I pestered the local residents with questions of what they knew of spots where wild animals lived...

My colleagues pestered the local residents with questions of where the best bars and restaurants were.

A happy sight along my way to the eagle tree.

Canada goose feeding in the rapid water downstream of a dam on the Des Moines River. Very few people have anything good to say about Canada Geese. The Universe loves them and that is all that matters.

Falcon in Manchester. This one has a band on each leg. These uncomplaining animals will cope with our self appointed authority on them until we destroy ourselves and soon falcons and hawks and every other innocent animals will fly free and unrestrained.

Red-tail hawk on the abandoned Pandora Building a few blocks from the Media Center in the Radisson Hotel Manchester. Here is a fine example of the slow but certain process of the Earth disintegrating our adulterated handiwork. Soon there will be a tall beautiful tree growing here--the Canada Geese will help make that possible.

Our falcon friend makes a point to a passing red-tail.

One last goodbye from Manchester.

All above photographed in downtown Des Moines, Iowa & Manchester, NH over the last two weeks.

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