Welcome to my friends at Operation Gotham 2020...

So nice of you to accept my invitation to visit my site. I hope you'll enjoy my photography and the little bit of activism I do to help keep Central Park clean and safe for kids especially,

If you get a little break from your work at the Javits Center, please visit Central Park. My favorite place is the Model Sailboat Pond aka The Conservatory Water, at 74th Street and Fifth Avenue.
Be nice to the wild animals and plants you come across and pattern your life and your operation after them. They don't take more than they need and they all live in near perfect harmony with each other.
That simple MO shall ensure their longevity on this earth, and ours can be too, I'm certain, if we only work with Nature and not against it.


email: lincolnkarim@gmail.com lincoln@palemale.com