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Riverside Park Mom who must have been ready to start laying her eggs for this season was found dead on Friday.

Is the answer now to put rat poison in this area when the rats come to do what Nature is compelling them to do?

               When someone came up to me this evening and told me that Riverside Park Mom was found dead today under her nesting tree I thought something was wrong with me.
               I felt like something was wrong with me, because all through the evening after hearing that shocking news I didnít feel a morsel of sadness and to tell the truth I still donít feel anything.
               I had not been to Riverside Park this year and I hardly visited last year. Several days I came close to visiting and just changed my mind for one or more reasons or for no reason at all.
               Today she was found dead in similar manner as Lima. I feel like I should be sad now as I recall so many memories of her, like the day when she had that terrible accident and got her beak broken a few years ago and I watched her struggling to eat her food. No one ever found out how she got her upper mandible so badly broken. I stood at the bottom of the tree watching her struggle to take her prey apart and feeling just as helpless as she was. I remember she finally dropped the pigeon on the ground when she was hardly able to even remove a few feathers from its chest. I then cut it up for her with my pocket knife, and was thankful for the joy she gave me when she came down to slowly eat the little pieces I prepared for her. That day I didnĎt feel so worthless as I have felt on so many other days. But there was even more joy for me when I watched the very next day when her handsome mate took over and fed her each day for the months after until her beak was sufficiently healed. She never needed my help and that in itself is joy.

               From the first time I saw her I believed that she was the daughter of Palemale. Of course I have no proof of that to show to you but I donít feel like proof is needed when your heart tells you something like that. In the human world we need birth certificates and DNA, but in their world, the world I desperately try to escape into each day, all I need is to listen to my heart. So whether she came directly from Palemale or not she will always be his daughter to me.

               I wish I was the sort of man to just break down and cry and get it over with but as I said before I barely feel anything.
               Maybe I donít feel sad because I defy any notion which wants to make me believe that someone as beautiful as she, could just go out of existence so suddenly and be ended so easily. I defy that, and I defy any other idea that her life was a mere fleeting curiosity so all that is needed is to have a little sadness upon its conclusion.
               If I were to fall for the fickleness about, I would put more value in the manmade novelties to be encountered around her like the highway with is speeding cars and the expensive boats on the Hudson and townhouses across in New Jersey, and in her I would put little value. But in my heart I believe that all those novelties are in fact the fleeting things and the enduring ones are the lives of those glorious animals like the Riverside Park Mom who never veered off paths in their lives so thoughtlessly as my own species do.
               None of the wicked deeds of Man like poisoning and pollution and cutting down trees could take away the beauty these animals gave us during their precious lives no matter how short some turned out.
               Once she has someoneís heart to live in, Riverside Mom can never die.


A man dragged a plastic molded high-chair over to one of the tables at the Boathouse Restaurant and his wife placed a very young child in it. Most of the light in this section of the Boathouse comes in from the tall glass windows along the Lake, reflecting off the murky water and diffused through the main dining room with its white table cloths and spotless wine glasses.
The childís mother arranged some of the regular chairs around the table and soon other family members settled in to have lunch.
A large tub of French Fried Potatoes was placed before the child and the mother with an expert hand simultaneously tore off the tops of four packets of Ketchup and squeezed the contents into the opened lid of her plastic clam-shell sandwich container. She then squeezed one more packet, this time Mayonnaise, into the red pulpy mound sitting in the lid and lovingly stirred the mixture using four stick of the fries held tightly together.
I barely noticed the delight in the childís eye, as I was almost hypnotized by his motherís methodical actions. Once the mixture was stirred to her satisfaction she sprinkled some extra salt onto the steaming oily tub and then took two fresh sticks of the French Fried Potatoes and submerged their ends into the mixture. The loaded end of these potato sticks were then inserted into the childís welcoming mouth by his motherís delicate hand.
I am not the healthiest of eaters but there is a limit to what I will allow my own body to endure. I cringed when I watched this delicate child being enticed by such an unhealthy meal. Coming up next was a large cup of soda and two hot dogs with more Ketchup, mustard and relish.

As I watched the family consume their lunch I thought of how desperate any attempt will be to try to convince the parents of this child to be concerned with what goes into the mouths of wild animals in the park, since she is so unconcerned about what goes into the mouth of her own child.

The 'Rat Poison' signs have mysteriously disappeared from around the CP Precinct, but the bait boxes are still there.

Above: A Bell Labs rat poison bait box in the parking lot of the Central Park Precinct
All of the 'Rat Poison' signs photographed at the Central Park Police Precinct on Wednesday have disappeared. However the poison was not removed.

The most toxic anti-coagulant rodenticide has been discovered in Central Park at the Central Park Police Precinct, 86th Street Transverse.

Lima hunting at the Central Park Precinct late last year.

The poison contains the active ingredient Brodifacoum! This deadly poison is the active ingredient in Final All Weather Blox.There are Rat Poison signs presently posted around the old precinct building more...

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About Palemale's mate Lima's death February 26, 2012.

Letter to the DEC Police...

Request to the Ecology Department of Columbia University.

My correspondence to Bell Labs' Compliance Manager...

A healthy tree destroyed to create more picturesque views in Central Park.
Concerning my FOIL request to the NYC Park & Recreation:
My request for these documents was filed on December 23, 2011. I have not yet received them (March 4, 2012).

I requested documents from the NYC P&R to disclose the reasons for the rampant destruction of trees in Central Park.