Dr. Ward Stone

Dr Ward Stone’s pathology lab in Delmar NY is crippled by lack of funds to carry out toxicology tests on his specimens. It is extremely important for toxicology tests to be done on dead animals to collect data which will help both animals and humans in the future. Dr Ward Stone’s office in Delmar NY has lost most of its funding to carry out these important tests. Please look into this and help support this great man whose work often goes unnoticed and unrewarded. He needs the proper resources to just do his work efficiently.

Please write to the NYSDEC Commissioner and tell him to restore the proper funding to Dr Stone’s pathology lab.

Email the NYS DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis: dpaeweb@gw.dec.state.ny.us

625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-1011

My letter to Commissioner Grannis

Dear Sir:

I have know Dr. Ward Stone for several years now and I have heard about him and the important work which he performs at the NYSDEC Pathology Unit long before I met him. It is my understanding that his lab is hurting for funds to pay for toxicology tests on the animals which are sent to him.
It seems to me that there may be a deliberate attempt to suppress the data which can be revealed by these toxicology results and so the less of these results we have the better off certain people will be to carry on their businesses and habits which cause the death of the animals victims which came to Dr Stone in the first place. I am told that these toxicology tests cannot, under the present NYSDEC regulations, be funded from outside sources. The Pathology Unit of the DEC identified harmful rodenticides found in dead Red-tailed hawks recovered in in Central Park. The results of those toxicology tests brought about an awareness and an alarm to Central Park making them more careful of, and patrons more vigilant to, the pesticides used by this city park. Without toxicology tests corrective measures will not go into effect to keep this park, this city , this country and this planet safe and habitable for one and all.
I appeal to you to address this single issue with a reasonable amount of urgency. If you have difficulty in allocating the necessary funds for this department please do what you can to allow private donations to be channeled to supplement these tests.

Lincoln Karim
Amateur Photographer & Animal Lover,
New York City

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