The Great Lawn was reopened on the evening of Saturday October 22, 2011. It was<br>
closed for 22 days--more than three weeks to recover from the damage on Sept-<br>
ember 30, 2011. Most images below taken on October 2, 2011.

The Great Lawn after last Friday's concert.

The Great Lawn is closed because it was destroyed by the Central Park Conservancy, NYC Parks & Recreation and the Robin Hood Foundation.

On October 7th, the Central Park Conservancy changed the signs around the Great Lawn to make it appear that the lawn is closed for routine maintenance. I believe they are hoping that they will get less questions about why the lawn was closed and less blame for the organizers of the last two concerts.

The greater damage however is not the stripped grass and the erosion but rather the lesson we as adults sent out to children who witnessed this elaborate spending. The children may have learned that despite our present economic situation that they can still grow up to waste and live carefree lives and to be insensitive to the delicate world around them.
There doesn't appear to be any hope for that observatory to be built at the castle nor any construction of a learning center near the Pinetum. It also appears that the only after-school activity for young men and women in central park is to smoke Marijuana on the Great Lawn.
But I'll continue to write letters and continue to hope and perhaps one day in the not too distant future we'll make some less selfish choices.

Central Park Conservancy workers has the nerve to tell me that tripods destroy the lawns.

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