Geese Chasers 2009

They have been flying across these skies long before man was able to walk upright. Human civilizations rose and fell while these beautiful animals flew humbly and steadily back and forth. They inspired modern man to build machines to imitate their natural gift of flight. Canada Geese live in peace and harmony with each other. They can govern themselves without deception which is the foremost component of all human government systems.

Believe it or not NYC has an agency paid to protect the environment from this kind of stuff. But this agency, the Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), turns a blind eye to this.
Instead of addressing this sort of nasty pollution...
they would go after innocent Canada Geese. Notice that this man is hired by the Central Park Conservancy (Geese Police) to chase wild geese away from the water bodies in Central Park. The man claims that geese pollute the water and kill fish. The CP Conservancy failed to provide evidence of any tests they did to show pollution by geese nor could they show me any dead fish. The man expressed concern for pollution but notice that his vehicle's engine was left idling continually.
The Central Park Conservancy is the biggest polluter of the park through their use of deadly pesticides, their failure to use environmentally clean vehicles and their destruction of trees and wildlife for superficial purposes. Yet they focus on innocent creatures like Canada Geese--not to mention that when the geese are chased away all other wildlife on the pond are distressed.

Buildings along Fifth Avenue and Central Park West appear to be immune from any penalties by the NYC DEP for their daily pollution of the air.

Canada Geese are animals which should be worshiped and their behavior and family structure should be taught in our schools. Canada Geese do not lie to their children and feed them poisonous food like we do. Canada geese do not smoke and spread diseases especially to their innocent young. Canada geese do not eat more than they need to and they do not sit at home for hours watching television and become fat and stupid and greedy. They do not obsess themselves with sports which encourage their youth to destroy their precious bodies for the entertainment of others. Canada geese do not exploit their own children and compromise their innocence for the sake of a TV commercial or a magazine ad.

The sight and sound of these beautiful animals flying across the sky in the late evening is a blessing to behold.

Now I watch these poor creatures harassed by a handful of selfish narrow-minded human beings. To combat what these animals are accused of--polluting water, overgrazing grass and leaving droppings of lawns where humans need to lay down and sunbathe and just be useless to the earth--the Central Park Conservancy hires a group of men to drive gasoline powered trucks round and round the park all day long smoking cigarettes and tormenting not just the Canada geese but all other innocent waterfowl on the ponds and reservoir. What is even more upsetting is that their heartless and cruel actions goes mostly without protest by onlookers and even so far to be condoned by large organizations which profess to care about animals like these.

Meanwhile those very narrow-minded members of the Conservancy went out of their way to encourage more dogs into the park, especially so by aligning themselves with a frivolous dog-owner group ‘Central Park Paws’. Dogs, as beautiful, warm, loving animals that they are should not be used as a tool for human beings to socialize which in my opinion is the primary use of these poor animals for a very large group of these dog owners. I see more dog droppings in Central Park that I do goose droppings. As for toxicity, do some of your own research to compare the poison levels between dog waste and goose waste.

If the Central Park Conservancy convinced you that the Canada Geese’s droppings are toxic consider the toxicity of our own droppings.

Where do you think our droppings go? As a side point do see any means of washing your hands after you use one of these things? When Central Park organizes major events like huge concerts and pointless road races encouraging drones of people to flock into the park--people who are not regular park patrons who normally regulate themselves...(incomplete)

Notice there are no means to wash hands

Please tell the Park's Commissioner to stop the Central Park Conservancy from harassing these poor innocent animals.
Kevin Jeffrey
Dep Parks Commissioner
(212) 360-1381

Doug Blonsky
President, CP Conservancy

Just imagine these heartless people are driving around these nasty fossil fuel burning vehicles attempting to chase an animals that was here millions of years before man learned to walk upright!

When Central Park picks up every cigarette butt off their grounds, and when they stop illegal sexualy activity in Central Park, and when they all drive pollution free vehicles, and when they have learned to manage their own garbage and sewage then they may consider targeting these poor animals.

These peaceful animals sit quietly and ask so little from the earth. All their land has been stolen from them by Man and here they attempt to rest their weary bodies for a while and we want to take even that away from them.

The sight of these animals touch all of us somehow. We are drawn to their beauty and peacefulness.

This buffoon could barely squeeze behind the wheel of his car but Doug Blonsky hired him to drive around for hours each day to torment our poor geese.

In all of Central Park there is not a single lawn, or bench or even a tree that is designated 'No Smoking!'

Smoking is tolerated everywhere in Central park even if it harmfulness is so well known.

Why is smoking tolerated and not geese?

The Central Park Conservancy is not going after these harmful creatures though.

The evil human beings of The Central Park Conservancy led by Doug Blonsky brought them back.
I wish I had the time and resources to rub Mr Blonsky's and Mr Calvanese's noses into the 'pollution' generated by the other polluters in Central Park. But I prefer to focus on the beautiful things and leave it up to a just Universe to handle them in due time.

'Geese Police' with a spotlight on Turtle Pond very early (darkness) Thursday morning.

The Sun was just about an hour away from rising; coupled with the cloudy, foggy morning Turtle Pond was still quite dark. Out of the darkness I heard a sudden panic on the water coming from the east end of the pond. I looked over and the entire area was lit up suddenly with a very powerful spotlight. It was the ‘Geese Police’ harassing the sleeping ducks.
I wonder what it was like for those humble animals asleep under the stars having already to contend with so many hazards of the natural world, but now compounded by the selfish actions of a single species attempting to dominate a beautiful planet which evolved for all. If something like that happened to any of us we’ll instantly dial ‘911’ and depend on getting justice for such a transgression on our peaceful lives.
Sadly the tormented ducks have no one to call and no immediate justice to look forward to. They may not feel that any injustice was done to them though, and they most likely will learn to cope with all the evil of our self-centered behavior.
The ‘Geese Police’ van drove slowly toward me shortly after and I stood in the light of a streetlight to address the driver. The harsh glow from the lamp fell on the portly face of the sole human occupant, his cold blue eyes smiled at me likely expecting a congenial greeting. Cuddled peacefully next to him in the passenger seat was an adorable border collie--an animal tool. The sweet little dog was a living machine conditioned to carry out a job for the sole benefit of his guardian. For a morsel of food and the security of shelter he was brain-washed to betray his fellow animals.
I asked the driver of the dreadful vehicle with a liver-colored canoe strapped to its roof why he was tormenting the ducks on the pond. I knew that he was looking for Canada geese and did not intend to disturb the other waterfowl;
“How do you chase away Canada geese without interfering with the mallards and wood ducks and other innocent animals?” I asked him calmly suppressing the anger and more so the sadness inside me.
“I was just looking for geese...I wasn’t disturbing the other ducks...” he replied. I felt it so pointless to continue the interview but the sounds of the panicked animals on the pond were still ringing in my head. I told him that I am fully aware that he was just doing his job and that the heartlessness of his actions were really from the Central Park Conservancy and not him. He agreed and took shelter in this acknowledgement.
“But tell me one thing though,” I pressed, “Here for example is a flock of Canada geese and close by are a bunch of mallards and right next to them are some wood ducks and other herons etc...” I painted the scenario on the road in front of his van. “How does your dog distinguish between the Canada geese and the rest of the waterfowl?” I continued knowing that I was speaking to an, for want of a better word, innocent worker who was merely performing a paid job with the best intentions.
I wagged my tongue some more and the Geese Police wagged his tongue and it occurred to me that not even the Central Park Conservancy was to be blamed for this. The heartlessness really came from visitors like you and me who will put up with this. It is you and I that demand pristine lawns and pretty fountains with sterile landscapes. The Conservancy is just the provider, but it is us that instigate the cruelty. Just like it’s hardly the drivers and owners of the Carriage Horses to be blamed for the miserable lives of those animals as much as it’s the jolly mindless people that hop on for a ride. It’s getting colder daily; in the air, and in the hearts of my fellow man.

This poor sweet innocent little dog has been brain-washed to betray his fellow animal for a treat.

Very little thought went into the permitting of this vehicle to drive around Central Park all day long with this unsavory sign. What answer do you give to an innocent child when they ask their parents what does this sign mean? It is a good indication of the mentality of the Central Park Conservancy and the NYC Parks & Recreation Department when they see nothing wrong with this.

Maybe I am wrong about all of this. Maybe Nature should exterminate these geese along with rats and moles and raccoons and sparrows and starlings and red-tailed hawks which deface handsome buildings.
But then again maybe I'm right and maybe instead of chasing them away we should worship their lives and take pattern in the way they take care of their spouses and their young. Maybe we should admire how they live in tune with their environment and scorn at how we treat our own.

Rogers and Hammerstein never wrote the lyrics “Doug Blonsky that fly with the Moon on his wings...”

Such a thing will never be anyone’s ‘favorite things’. The image of Wild Geese will forever inspire beautiful hearts and minds all over the Universe.

Pristine lawns and sterile ponds only serve to delight comatose minds. Natural grass laden with weeds and wild flowers whose tops have visiting bees and busy little bugs are all there to stimulate healthy minds--there goes a sparrow eating some seeds and here comes a caterpillar working its way up a lean stalk. There is a ladybug climbing over a crystal dewdrop hanging onto the tip of a velvety leaf--what a stage for healthy minds young or old. Even a blind person can sit of a field of natural grass and run their hand across its uneven tops and feel the variety of textures of leaves and twigs and rocks but hopefully not an anthill. Ponds with little tadpoles and fishes and ducks asleep and yes, geese and grasshoppers and water-rats, mice, fuzzy-faced squirrels water’s edge bound to quench their thirst and marveling as they drink at frogs and other creatures that crawl and fly and swim and generally get on with their wholesome lives of which none of us are in a position to take or give or tamper or control. And when a robin sings we learn to listen to her song and enjoy it as it comes out naturally and never to comment that she should sing it some other way that pleases you more.


Canada Geese