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Flooding in Central Park May 11, 2013

Flooding in Central Park.

The Central Park Conservancy can lie to the public about the destruction of trees in Central Park, they can also lie to the Media and they may even lie to their own employees. The one person that their lies has no effect on is the park itself.
Suddenly after even a moderate rainfall the park is flooding like it never did in its history.
So focused are the CPC on beautification that they pay very little attention to the consequences of over manicuring and then the truth comes out...

You cannot see where the trees once stood in these photographs. The CPC put a great deal of effort into removing all traces of the trees so that nothing remains to inspire questions about what became of the trees.

I was told by a supervisor from the DOT that there are very strict rules with which the DOT has to comply concerning trees throughout the country. If a tree is damaged or removed by the DOT whether by accident or by necessity, the DOT must replant a similar tree within six months and not further than ten feet from where the original tree was removed.

If the Central Park trees were indeed removed because of storm damage, disease or infestation why doesn't the CPC replant the trees in the vacant spots? Why instead are they so eager to plant lawns over where the trees stood?

Not too many other people seem to be observing what is going on. Perhaps I too may not be observing the ruthlessness of the CPC, had I not been such a close observer of the animals who are the first ones to suffer from the loss of the park's trees.

I am certain that no one in the Central Park Conservancy has ever sat for days in a row and watched Palemale perch each night in a tree next to one which was destroyed and stare at the vacant space where his tree once stood.

Many places where arborcide was committed by the Central Park Conservancy are now closed off and these signs are abundant. Notice that you will not find any sign that reads 'Newly planted trees'.

After the rain on Monday.

Central Park after Monday's rain.