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February 8, 2008

Palemale & Lola mating at the top of the Linda Building.

I saw a tiny star just above Lolaís head as she settled herself into bed next to Palemale tonight. The little bright speck was soon lost in the tangle of branches so I had to get up from where I was sitting to find it again. And there it was once more pushing its tiny light through all the Universe and coming to rest gently on Lolaís soft head. It was no easy task to keep that little star visible--a bright streetlamp right in front, and heavy Friday evening traffic just behind me. Still, I watched the little star dance and dazzle like a little happy sparrow around Lolaís sleepy head. Palemale had done his own settling several minutes before and was now quiet on his sturdy branch with a sharp sliver of moonlight on his own weary shoulder.
Iím sure thereís a star for every little animalís head that closes its eye to go to sleep tonight, to protect them all and give them peaceful dreams until they wake safely tomorrow.