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February 28, 2008

Last Sunday I introduced this handsome Palemale look-alike from the new red-tailed hawk nest in Riverside Park.

I described with some admitted presumptuousness, and even a dash of arrogance, that this was the male of the nest--seen here today on the right.

On Sunday I described the hawk, seen here today on the left, as "A young, beautiful red-tailed Mom from Riverside Park works with her mate..."

Well, I was completely wrong!

On Thursday evening I found out unquestionably which hawk is which.

So with much humility, some embarrassment and a great deal of pride...

Let me introduce you to...

Pale Female!

It shouldn't be too hard to believe that this is the daughter of Palemale & Lola.

Of course I have no proof that this is true.

But then again I have no proof for most of the things I believe.

I wouldn't love her less either way...she is the daughter of two red-tailed hawks with as much magnificence of Palemale & Lola, Junior & Charlotte or any of those wonderful creatures that I am unable to stop watching.

Palemale retired for the day quite early in his favorite Eastside roost.

He appeared to settle in comfortably...

But after several minutes he moved over to an evergreen.

All images photographed on Thursday February 28, 2008.