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February 27, 2016

Please support Bobby Horvath & Cathy St Pierre's Injured Wildlife Care Fundraiser.

Palemale & Octavia on the Carlyle, Monday evening.

The unfiltered photograph is pretty boring. I hope you do not find this image tacky. I find that with the Oil Paint filter the image is more interesting as it reduces the amount of detail for the eye to process.

Monday February 22, 2016.

I suppose enough people do not find it repulsive that the Central Park Conservancy, an organization professing to be 'green' and environmentally conscious, and who is contracted by the City of New York to preserve and protect Central Park is so irresponsible that they will promote this wasteful act--a huge plastic bag to carry a single rolled up Central Park Conservancy map. I believe this seemingly minor thing reflects the other more irresponsible acts of the CPC, and is a demonstration of the unworthiness of the Central Park Conservancy to manage our precious park.

I make it a habit to politely ask many of these Conservancy victims to look into their bags to see what's inside. I have seen these huge wasteful bags used to carry single items like a refrigerator magnet, a dog scarf, a paper calendar.

What kind of irresponsible, unthinking people would create a business like this in Central Park?

The brainchild behind these irresponsible business ventures is the person that will drive a Mustang to work whilst instigating to have strict rules against bicycles in the park.

I should also mention that the 'store' where these shameful trinkets are sold and offered to people in these nasty plastic bags is Belvedere Castle, once a Nature Center for children which was taken away and turned into a gift shop for this wicked and evil minded organization. Meanwhile down at the Arsenal there is a staff of lawyers on the City's payroll whose job is to protect us against deceitful takeovers like this.