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February 24, 2008

A young, beautiful red-tailed Mom from Riverside Park works with her mate...

to get ready for a promising spring.

Her gentleman companion looks just a little bit like someone we are all familiar with from the Eastside.

On Sunday evening while taking Lola's lunch to her, Palemale had to rest with his heavy burden before his final lift onto the nest.

Forced to make a temporary rest stop, he landed right on top on the lethal spikes which Harold Winters of the 12th Floor of 927 Fifth Avenue installed five years ago to prevent Palemale & Lola from perching on his window.

I can only stand by and watch helplessly as this cold hearted wealthy old man and his wife continue to habor hate towards these innocent animals.

Those razor sharp spikes can pierce the flesh but they cannot scar the gallant heart within Palemale.

I do not myself habor any hate for Mr & Mrs Winters...just a lot of pity. In fact I do not single them out as being cruel since all around me there are so many other people continuously hurting innocent animals at various levels.

Lola received her lunch in good time and without incident.

I may never experience this magic which my two friends share every day of their lives--but I do take the time to watch.

People can put up spikes to hurt them, other people can try to poison their food...but none of us will ever experience the kind of love that these two hawks have, and no one can take this away from Palemale & Lola. They do not need an apartment with 18 rooms because they do not want to hide from each other. A sturdy branch with a few twinkling stars over their heads and each other's eyes to look into and their happiness is set.

This little one was as happy as can be for just having a little sunshine splash across her pretty face.

A quenching drink of some delicious melted snow made this little mockingbird sing beautifully all morning.

The Riverside hawks and millions of animals all over the earth are answering a call from a very mighty force all around them.

And lots of eager little stars far out in the skies are just waiting to begin twinkling.

With parents like these, those little star twinklers are in very good hands.

All images photographed on Sunday February 24, 2008.