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February 23, 2007

Palemale installing another twig to his nest Friday evening.

He plucked that twig from a tree just behind the Model Sailboat House close to Fifth Avenue.

Lola harvesting nest material from the old Woody Allen roof garden early Friday morning.

Charlotte in her new nest (as it appears) on 888 Seventh Avenue.

After the failure of their Trump Parc nest last year they began putting twigs on this building. It's a horrible choice in my opinion, but I will give them my best wishes.

Charlotte just finished her meal on a very tall building at the corner of 59th Street & 7th Avenue.

Palemale on Linda #2.

If you watched this female mammal go about her business and see how noble and wholesome her mission, then the last thing you'll want to do is send your dog after her so it can have a little 'fun'.

Lola just delivered a twig to her nest early Friday morning.



All images photographed on Friday 23, 2007.

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