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February 22, 2009

If I were the man I try, and sometimes profess to be, I would not have carried such a sulk all day for not having the sunlight which was so plentiful the day before.
I would then spend more time admiring the merry raindrops hanging upside down on that short spreading tree at the foot of Cedar Hill. Though I hardly think raindrops care whether they are right side up or not. Come to think of it I did stay and gaze at those frisky little watery animals dancing at the tips of those bare branches which dipped and swayed at every brush of the cold wind. For a few cherry moments I must have forgotten my disappointment for having a sunless day and enveloped myself in the jovial world of wet grass and glistening branches and soggy hawks and squirrels with whiskers which stuck together at their ends.

Had I the eye and mind to observe, I may not have missed the motherly gray cloud gently rubbing the tips of her fingers and sprinkling her little babies toward the waiting branches and feathers and dry whiskers all willing to catch and caress those delightful little packets of life-giving miracles.

(above - Rainy Sunday morning on the Linda window. Below were taken on Saturday.)

All images photographed on Saturday & Sunday last.