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February 20, 2018

Palemale over Fifth Avenue on Tuesday evening.

Palemale going to sleep in a favorite mild-weather tree. Octavia went to sleep on a branch of the same tree, very close to him.

Tuesday February 20, 2018

So wonderful to have you back posting and to see Pale Male again. It brightens my world immensely to see your stunning photographs.
Your effort is so appreciated by many.
Thank you for that.
So glad to see him! Welcome back from all of the admirers.


You're back!! I completely understand why you would need a long break, after so many years of putting up new photos almost every day. But I've been checking you site regularly anyway, hoping you might return. THANK YOU for all the lovely images you've sent us for so long.

Barbara S.
San Francisco, CA

I missed the bird and the photographer...
great to see you again.



I can not tell you how much I missed seeing your photographs of Palemale and all the other animals of Central Park. I know what it is like to need a break from something.
I wanted to write a while ago and never found the time.
I am so glad you are coming back and I look forward to looking at your work every day.
Just know that you were missed by all of us who love your work and love palemale.
Thank you for all you do for Palemale and all the animals in Central Park.

Best regards,

Jane M.
Fan of Palemale and you

Dear Lincoln,

I have been a fan of both Palemale and you for many years and have been checking your site every week to see if there are any updates. I hope you are well and that illness has not stopped you from taking pictures of your old friend Palemale. I have been worried that something has happened to him and that you found it too hard to tell us. I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your wonderful photos over the years and to thank you for letting us share the life of our favorite bird, Palemale, and his family. Living in New Jersey I try to get to the city once in awhile and always stop in the park for a visit with Palemale if I can. Please let us know that everyone is OK. I wish you the best in the future and hope someday to see you online again.

Thanks so much,
Debbie L.